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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Interview Questions: Remember to Read Between the Lines!

interview questions

Interviewers know better than to directly ask “Are you easy to manage?” or “Do you get along well with others?” Instead, they’ll say something like this: “How would you describe your ideal supervisor?” Then they’ll read between the lines. So beat them to it: read between the lines of what they say, and make sure […]

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Researching Your Target Companies: Questions to Ask

Interested in working for a certain company? Then remember this: knowledge is power. Certain kinds of information can help you get an interview there – and nail that interview. The most effective job search techniques involve making a list of companies you’d like to work for and then gradually becoming well informed about them and […]

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A Networking Bio: Why Use One?

Let’s say you’re doing an informational interview. Should you leave behind a resume? Nope – leave a bio instead. Why? Offering a resume may make your networking partner feel pressured, as if though you’re imposing on them to find you a job. Focus on developing relationships and sharing information; you’re not applying for a job. […]

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