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A Job Seeker’s Silver Bullet: Referrals!

A Job Seeker's Silver Bullet: Referrals!Most candidates are not aware of the huge degree to which employee referral programs (ERP) can boost their chances of getting hired, according to a recent survey of employers.

Candidates with a referral are 10 times more likely to get the job, according to an article entitled, “Employee Referrals: the Candidate’s Silver Bullet?” in the September issue of the CareerXroads blog for recruiters.

“The bottom line is that few job seekers apply for a job with a referral, and yet most of them could likely find one using today’s social media tools with only a little effort.”

Employee referrals are the primary source of up to one-third of hires, yet only about half of the employees surveyed were even aware that their company had an employee referral program (ERP).

Here’s how you can capitalize on ERPs:

  1. Network with employees at companies where you’d like to work, using LinkedIn and other social media in addition to traditional methods.
  2. Find out whether those companies have ERPs. (Their employees may not know, but their HR departments certainly will.) If they do, there is very likely a bonus involved for the employee, so make use of this win-win situation.
  3. Find out whether your own company has such a program, and participate by referring  qualified candidates. Networking is about giving as well as getting.

Use that silver bullet!

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