“Auld Lang Syne” and Networking?

It is just way too slick to mention this much-loved old New Year’s Eve hymn in the same breath as a suit-and-tie word like “networking.”

But there’s good advice in this familiar song, whether you want to look at it as a spiritual inspiration or simply a practical exchange. Ideally, both.

Your community, going into 2014, has grown. There are new people in your network. And there old friends and acquaintances you haven’t talked to in a while. Those relationships are real, even the minimal ones. Why not keep in touch?

Here are some ideas:

Make a “walk date” with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Get some exercise and catch up at the same time.

Actually read your LinkedIn updates (and I’m talking to myself here, mea culpa!) and look for opportunities to congratulate, comment and catch up.

If you’re not on any social media yet, consider that “I just got online” might be a great “excuse” to catch up with people.

Random acts of appreciation: Who have you been grateful to during the year, for a large favor or a small? It may have been an introduction, advice, a recommendation, or a word of encouragement. Why not say “I still appreciate it! So how are you, anyway?”

“We’ll take a cup of kindness yet,” as the song says. Or maybe get together for coffee.