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Category Archives for "Career Management"

LinkedIn Profile Mistake #1

Most LinkedIn profiles fail to fully utilize one of the platform’s most valuable features: recommendations. How can you make the most of this awesome opportunity to have your contacts praising you on the Internet? First, make sure you understand the difference between recommendations and endorsements. Recommendations are: Free advertising for your job search. A boost […]

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Job Search Tool #1: SOAR Stories

Everyone knows a job seeker needs a resume. But there’s another job search tool – a tool kit, actually – that’s just as important. Even before you prepare your resume, start developing a list of accomplishments or “success stories” that illustrate your experience, skills and strengths. You won’t show this to employers, but you’ll use […]

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How to Identify Your Accomplishments

Employers are keenly interested in a candidate’s accomplishments – success stories from their past and current experience – but it can be hard for job seekers to identify and recall them. My best accomplishments on my previous job? I’m not sure I can remember! In my recent article, Accomplishments: Resume Rocket Fuel!, I discussed what […]

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