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How to Identify Your Accomplishments

Employers are keenly interested in a candidate’s accomplishments – success stories from their past and current experience – but it can be hard for job seekers to identify and recall them.

My best accomplishments on my previous job? I’m not sure I can remember!

In my recent article, Accomplishments: Resume Rocket Fuel!, I discussed what accomplishments are and why they’re important.

Now let’s look at how to pull your accomplishments together.

  1. Look through your old written Evaluations, Letters of Recommendation, or recommendations on your LinkedIn.com profile. There are usually accomplishments there. Which are most impressive and relevant to your career goals?
  2. Ask past or present co-workers or supervisors what they see as your best accomplishments.
  3. Find lists of Behavioral Interview Questions.  Answer those questions for yourself and make notes of your answers.

It is extremely useful to keep a list of your accomplishments, giving each one a name to help you remember it, i.e., “Client Satisfaction: 98%.” For each one, jot down a few notes to help you remember key talking points. Use the SOAR approach: Situation + Obstacle + Actions + Results = SOAR. Read my article Job Search Storytelling that SOARS for more details.

Accomplishments will add tremendous power to your resume, interviewing, and even networking conversations. They can be the most powerful tools in your job search.

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