Job Postings – Better Uses for Them, #3

If you’re looking for job openings, undoubtedly you see many that aren’t quite right for you.

Do a good deed that will help you, too: pass some of these announcements on to other job seekers you’re networking with.

Not networking with other job seekers? You’re missing out on opportunities for synergy and mutual support. Job clubs and  groups, such the Experience Unlimited groups sponsored by the California EDD (Employment Development Department), are great for this and also provide mock interviews, resume evaluations, and other useful activities.

How can job seekers be helpful to each other? Others who are searching are, like you, budding experts in the best practices of job search. The smart ones are doing a lot of networking and are likely to have ideas and leads for you, not to mention sympathizing with your life on the job search roller coaster.

As we all know, networking works best when its reciprocal: “You help me, I’ll help you.” So when you see a job opening that might be right for someone you know, send it along. A little favor like that helps keep you at “top of mind,” and it’s a nice thing to do!

Peace on Earth, good will to all – and good jobs, too!

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