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Resources for Your Encore Career

Resources for Your Encore CareerGetting ready to explore a post-retirement career?

Here are some resources that might help.

The Week (my favorite news magazine) recently published a special report by Laura Shin about encore careers.

Here are some potentially useful resources mentioned in that article: grants fellowships and the annual Purpose Prize to individuals creating new ways to solve tough social problems. NPR has called it “A kind of MacArthur ‘genius award’ for retirees.” They also publish informative blogs and The Encore Career Handbook. is a job board for workers 50 and over, offering employers the opportunity to become a “Certified Age Friendly Employer.” What a breath of fresh air that idea is!

ReServe matches professionals 55 and over with part-time positions in nonprofits needing their expertise. The program pays a $10 per hour stipend, so this is more a volunteer opportunity than a career – but it may be a good way to get experience at the beginning of a new career path.

If you try out any of these resources, please contact me and tell me how it worked for you!

Job search strategy – or entrepreneurship – is a little different for retirees. Find out how you can put your expertise to work!



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