Job Boards: Don’t Get Eaten by Monster!

Don't get eaten by Monster (or any other job board)!Only 1.3% of hires happen through, although many job seekers spend a lot more than 1.3% of their job search time there.

I came across this interesting fact on the JibberJobber Blog. (JibberJobber is a contact management software designed for job seekers). The article is a few months old, but I doubt the facts have changed a bit.

I’m not picking on Monster in particular. I’m making a point about job boards and their role in job search.

Many sources estimate that only a fraction of jobs are obtained by people who aren’t in any way known to the employer – maybe 20% of hires. That’s the category you’re in when you apply to a job online without any networking or referral involved.

I’ve said a lot in this blog about networking, and a bit about making use of referral programs. My post about using the power of habit is relevant as well, since a successful job search relies on smart habits.

My advice is, change your habits if you’re spending more than 20% of your job search time applying for jobs online.

Also, be efficient in your online searches by using aggregator sites like Indeed and SimplyHired to search thousands of job boards at once. Save a search – or a few searches with different keywords, to see which work best – and have the results emailed to you regularly. To search company career pages in addition to job boards, add LinkUp. Statistically, more jobs are found through companies’ own websites than through job boards.

Plan a multi-pronged job search strategy with a strong emphasis on talking to people. If that thought makes you shudder, coaching can help to build good networking skills and habits that make it a lot easier. Search smart – and get a great job, sooner!