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Get Back in Touch with a LinkedIn Recommendation

Want to stay top-of-mind with your connections? Networking and connections are the lifeblood of career management, but those connections go stale if you never get in contact – or worse, if you only call when you need something! To nourish your connection with a former co-worker whose work you respect, give them a LinkedIn recommendation. […]

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Researching Your Target Companies: Questions to Ask

Interested in working for a certain company? Then remember this: knowledge is power. Certain kinds of information can help you get an interview there – and nail that interview. The most effective job search techniques involve making a list of companies you’d like to work for and then gradually becoming well informed about them and […]

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A Networking Bio: Why Use One?

Let’s say you’re doing an informational interview. Should you leave behind a resume? Nope – leave a bio instead. Why? Offering a resume may make your networking partner feel pressured, as if though you’re imposing on them to find you a job. Focus on developing relationships and sharing information; you’re not applying for a job. […]

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