Quick Tip for Easier Eye Contact in Online Interviews

Quick Tip for Easier Eye Contact in Online InterviewsOnline interviews / video interviews can feel unnatural and unfriendly. The main problem is the lack of eye contact.

If the person you’re talking to is looking at the image of you in the middle of their screen, they appear to be looking away, as though they’re not interested in you. This lack of eye contact is likely to be off-putting for interviewers.

One solution is to look at the camera, but then you can’t see and react naturally to the other person’s facial expressions and gestures.

Here’s a better solution, which works in Skype and some other platforms as well: Minimize the window in which the person’s image appears, then move it up as close to the camera as it will go. Now, when you look at their face you are virtually “looking into their eyes.”

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