Skype Interview “Technique of the Week”!

Skype Interview "Technique of the Week"!Actually, this clever trick has been around for a while, but not very much around, since everyone I tell it to says “Wow, I didn’t know about that!”

I’m passing this along from Sheryl Swingley at Ball State University, via the American Marketing Association’s website Marketing Power.

Here’s the trick: In order to give the impression of eye contact in a Skype interview, you have to look at the tiny camera opening at the top of your screen rather than the interviewer’s image on your screen. But that’s very unnatural and can be hard to do.

Unless you do this: Use a hole punch to make a hole in a picture of a good friend. Then attach that picture over the camera opening on your computer. (To avoid harm to your screen, use sticky notes instead of tape.)

As an added benefit, you’ll find it easier to smile and feel relaxed, as if you were talking to a friend!

The wise Ms. Swingley has additional good advice for your interview, which you can read here.

Skype interviews are becoming increasingly common, so remember these tips!