LinkedIn Photos (etc.) Just Got Easier

Social Media Image MakerLast week I spent 20 minutes of dumb trial-and-error uploading a new Facebook banner.

I admit it, graphics aren’t my strong suit. I’m a word nerd, okay?

The size and shape of the original didn’t match what Facebook wanted, and I just didn’t know a better way except to keep trying it different ways.

I’d been through the same thing (well, not quite as bad) with LinkedIn.

Today I discovered there’s a website that helps you do this (for free): Social Media Image Maker.  I haven’t personally tried it, but the reviews look good and I’ll use it next time. Here’s a review with a tutorial.

The blog where I read about this is a good resource for job seekers, by the way – Jason Alba’s lively and informative JibberJobber Blog. (JibberJobber is an application for managing your contacts with people and companies, basically a CRM for job seekers. I definitely recommend it.)